Schuele Planetarium brings the fascinating realm of astronomy to people of all ages, from preschoolers through adults.

Originally built in 1968, the planetarium was transformed in 2014 with the introduction of the Fleming Family Projection System. This combination of an opti-mechanical star projector and digital projector provides visitors with an immersive learning experience through high-resolution, 360 degree images and a realistic, breathtaking display of over 3,000 stars. The full dome planetarium theater offers comfortable seating for 54 and is wheelchair accessible. The Center is uniquely positioned on Huntington Reservation’s park setting to provide hands-on learning experiences for finding constellations and identifying planets in the night sky.

Before Your Visit Information

  • Advance registration is required.
  • No photography or video recording is permitted during the program.
  • For safety reasons, late admittance to planetarium programs is not permitted.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Schuele Planetarium.
  • Masks are recommended in mind of our young visitors.
  • Schuele Planetarium continues to operate at a reduced capacity.

Planetarium Programs

Twinkle Tots

Enjoy a light show set to lively music and learn what we can see up in the sky! Twinkle Tots is approximately 20 minutes.
Recommended for ages 0 – 3
Cost: $5/person (including infants)

Stellar Stars

Blast off and travel through space as you visit different destinations in the solar system and learn about constellations in the night sky! Stellar Stars is approximately 30 minutes.
Recommended for ages 3 – 7
Cost: $5/person

Mini Missions

Take a trip that’s completely out of this world! Travel through space and visit different objects in the solar system, explore constellations in the night sky and learn about NASA’s missions. Mini Missions is approximately 30 minutes.
Recommended for ages 7 and up
Cost: $5/person

One Community One Book: Hidden Figures

Learn about some of the modern day engineering problems that face scientists and astronomers in our ever continuing exploration of space. Meet some of the many different people that are working to solve these problems and see their creative solutions. Show topic does not rotate. This is part of the One Community One Book summer program with Bay Village Schools.
Recommended for all ages
Cost: $5/person

Planetarium Schedule

june, 2021