Preschool Programs

As the largest nature-based preschool in the region, the Center’s programming is designed to build on children’s inherent curiosity.

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s renowned preschool programs serve children ages one to six each year through classes in three specially designed classrooms, where children participate in hands-on, age-appropriate activities to support social, physical and academic development. The surrounding 100-acre parkland and access to Lake Erie serve as an extended outdoor classroom, making the Center uniquely positioned to influence the next generation’s understanding of local wildlife and conservation efforts.

In all of Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s preschool programs, highly skilled instructors integrate Ohio Early Learning Standards such as science, math, literacy and the arts into fun learning experiences while fostering cooperative learning and social competence. The result is transformative: the Center fosters a lifelong appreciation for the natural world.

Preschool Family Adventures

Join us for an hour of fun and discovery! Your family will begin your adventure by exploring the Center’s indoor and outdoor exhibits with a preschool instructor. Then, head to one of the Center’s preschool classrooms to learn about an animal, listen to a storybook, play a game and receive instructions for a take-home craft. Your family will complete the program with your choice of playing more games or taking a guided nature hike.

There are no Preschool Family Adventure offerings at this time. Please check back for new dates coming soon.

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