Injured Animals

Found an Injured Animal?

To help an ill or injured animal, call the Center’s wildlife staff at 440-871-2900 before intervening.

Wildlife intakes of injured animals from the public are offered at no charge. Due to high demand for our services, please anticipate leaving a message for our wildlife specialists who will return your call.

Never put your own safety at risk trying to help wildlife. If you can safely capture the animal, place it in an escape-proof box (with air holes) not much bigger than the animal itself. Do not offer food or water as it may harm or even kill the animal. Place the box in a dark, quiet location until it can be transported to the Center for a medical examination.

The Center’s staff is unable to pick up or rescue animals. However, they can be transported to the Center to receive quality care and hopefully another chance at life in the wild.

If you would like to check on an animal that you recently brought in for treatment and have its intake number, or for general wildlife questions, please email