Lake Erie Nature & Science Center educates and inspires each of us to understand, appreciate and take responsibility for our natural world.


To give every child and adult the opportunity to make a lasting connection to the natural world and to build a lifelong passion for discovery.


Lake Erie Nature & Science Center was founded in 1945 in by Elberta Fleming in Bay Village, Ohio, with a display of animals in her backyard, nature specimens throughout her home and a compelling vision to teach nature and science to people in the community. In 1950, Lake Erie Nature & Science Center was incorporated as a nonprofit organization based on the principles that learning is fun and children learn best by doing. The charter states that this nonprofit organization will connect people of all ages to nature in order to motivate natural curiosities and creative abilities, encourage an understanding of cultural diversity and instill civic responsibilities by developing a desire to conserve our natural resources.

Today, Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is a treasured community asset located in Huntington Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks. A unique combination of resources can be found only at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center: live animal displays, wildlife rehabilitation services, a public access planetarium, a nature-based preschool and a park setting along the shores of Lake Erie. The Center is one of the region’s most accessible destinations to learn about the natural world, offering free admission and free wildlife rehabilitation services.