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2021 Wildlife Rehabilitation

2021 Wildlife Rehabilitation Highlights at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

We are grateful for our community and the caring individuals who turned to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center for wildlife assistance in 2021. Your involvement helped us provide second chances at life in the wild for hundreds of ill, injured, or orphaned animals. Thank you.

Rough Green Snakes video thumbnail

Rough Green Snake Exhibit

The Center has a new species of animal on exhibit. A nimble, lime green, predator with beady eyes that likes to slink about in trees and bushes. Yet, despite the exotic sounding description, this is not a creature of the tropical jungle, but a native Ohio reptile known as the Rough Green Snake.

Bill Reed presents Astronomy Flash

Astronomy Flash – 5 Tips For New Telescope Owners

Here are 5 tips to prepare and use your new (or seldom used) telescope.

Soap Science Experiment video

Ivory Soap Science Experiment

All you need for Miss Dawn’s fun science experiment: a bar of ivory soap and a microwave!


Mallard Duck Timelapse and Release

All grown up! Throughout summer, our team cared for two groups of orphaned Mallard ducklings that were rescued from sewers. This video shares their daily progress and successful release.

Virtual Tour video

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Virtual Tour

Staff members provide a virtual tour of Lake Erie Nature & Science Center.

Red-tailed Hawk Info video

Resident Animals: Red-tailed Hawk

Fun Fact: Hollywood has immortalized the call of the Red-tailed Hawk by using it for any raptor soaring overhead in a movie or TV show. Learn more about the Center’s Red-tailed Hawk with wildlife staff members Christine Barnett and Kyle Koprowski.

Eastern Screech Owl info video

Resident Animals: Eastern Screech Owls

Red and gray individuals occur across the range of the Eastern Screech-Owl, with about one-third of all individuals being red. Learn about the Center’s resident screech-owls with Wildlife Program Specialist Christine Barnett.


Can You Spot the Queen Bee?

Wildlife Program Specialist Christine Barnett share tips on how to spot a queen bee!

Hellbender info video

Resident Animals: Eastern Hellbender

Did you know? Eastern Hellbenders are Ohio’s largest amphibian and America’s largest salamander!


Mallard Duckling Release

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s wildlife team successfully releases 4/5-week-old Mallard ducklings after providing treatment and care.


Flying Squirrel

Gifted with a flap of skin between their limbs, flying squirrels can glide long distances between the trees where they live. Learn more about our resident flying squirrel with Wildlife Program Specialist Christine Barnett.


Mallard Ducklings – Wildlife Rehabilitation

Watch as Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist Tim Jasinski shares an update on the Mallard ducklings rescued by Middleburg Heights Animal Kennel and Brooklyn & Parma Heights Animal Control.


Barred Owl Fledgling

“Who cooks for you?” Barred Owls are common in forests throughout Northeast Ohio. Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist and resident birding expert Tim Jasinski shares footage of a local Barred Owl and her fledgling in Huntington Reservation.


Gosling Release and Adoption

Did you know? Abandoned goslings can be “adopted” by other geese families with the help of wildlife rehabilitators.


Honeybee Installation

Join wildlife program specialist and resident beekeeper Christine Barnett as she walks through the steps of our first honeybee installation of the season.


Resident Animals: Green Iguana

Some inspiration to paint your plate with colorful fruit and vegetables! Learn about the Center’s resident Green Iguana with Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist Tim Jasinski.


Baby Wildlife: Eastern Cottontail Rabbits

Eastern Cottontail Rabbits often build their nesting sites in yards and open spaces. Please monitor your yard for nests before lawn mowing or allowing pets to roam outdoors. If you stumble across a nest, do not move the bunnies because their mother will be unable to find them.


Wildlife Recovery: Bald Eagle

In 1979, there were only four nesting pairs of Bald Eagles in Ohio. Today, the Bald Eagle is no longer considered threatened and is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


How to Grow an Avocado Tree From a Seed

Miss Dawn demonstrates how to grow an avocado tree from a seed.


Alka-Seltzer Science Experiment

Miss Dawn demonstrates an awesomely simple science experiment using Alka-seltzer, a film canister and water.


Skittle Experiment

Miss Dawn demonstrates an at-home science experiment using Skittles candy.


Easter Egg Enrichment

Wildlife Program Specialist Christine Barnett provides enrichment to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s resident animals.


Density Lemonade

Density Lemonade, demonstrated by Planetarium Specialist Katy Downing!

Visitor Update: The Wildlife Gardens Education and Renovation Project is underway at the Nature Center.Learn More