Nature To-Go

Nature To-Go Kits

Engage in hands-on discovery from the comfort of your home with our Nature To-Go Kits!

Each kit is curated by our program staff to include a nature-themed craft or experiment, educational instructions, and other activities for at-home learning.

Kits must be ordered in advance. Curbside pick-up instructions will be emailed after purchase.

Honey kit photo square

Nature To-Go: Honey and Pollinator Kit

Do you love the taste and smell of honey? Are you interested in learning about the bees and other pollinators you saw during your outdoor adventures this summer? Our new Nature To-Go: Honey and Pollinator Kit includes:

• 5 oz. jar of raw honey harvested from the Center’s hives
• Honey and pollinator educational guide
• Ohio Division of Natural Resources ‘Common Bees & Wasps of Ohio’ field guide
• The Ohio State University bee identification chart
• Huntington Reservation pollinator plant guide
• Honey fact sheet

Recommended for all ages.

Cost: $20/kit. (includes 5 oz. jar of honey and educational materials). Add-on an extra honey jar for $8 (limit of 3).

Moon kit photo

Nature To-Go: Moon Kit

Did you know? The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite! Learn all about the moon with our new Nature To-Go Kit which includes:

• Paper mache moon craft
• 3 moon notebooks
• Nighttime scavenger hunt
• Moon information and activity sheets
• Coloring pages
• Maze

Recommended for ages 3-7.

Cost: $15/kit.

Fall Family Activity kit photo

Nature To-Go: Fall Family Activity

Explore with your family outdoors and discover the wonders of the autumn season! Identify leaves, create leaf art, make a recycled bird feeder and and help migratory birds by turning off your lights at night. Fall Family Kits include:

• Leaf, seed and animal track identification guides
• Bird migration information sheet
• DIY recycled bird feeder instructions
• Night map and legends
• Leaf rubbing activity
• Custom leaf rubbing crayons
• Family photo scavenger hunt
• Fall coloring pages

Recommended for families with children of all ages.

Cost: $20/kit.

Pumpkins kit photo web

Nature To-Go: Pumpkins

Did you know? The pumpkins we know best are orange, but they can also be red, green, yellow, white or even blue! Learn all about pumpkins with our new Nature To-Go Kit which includes:

• Information sheet
• Wooden pumpkin magnet craft
• Paper cup for planting your own pumpkin seeds
• Pumpkin pie playdough recipe
• Maze
• Scavenger hunt
• Coloring pages

Recommended for ages 3-7.

Cost: $15/kit.

Woollybears kit photo web

Nature To-Go: Woolly Bears

Did you know? Woolly bears are the caterpillar stage of the Isabella Tiger Moth! Learn all about woolly bears in our new Nature To-Go Kit which includes:

• Information sheet
• Woolly bear necklace craft
• Woolly bear life cycle
• Scavenger hunt
• Maze
• Coloring pages

Recommended for children ages 3-7.

Cost: $15/kit.

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