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wildlife frequently asked questions 

These are answers to some common questions we receive every year. However, each wildlife encounter is different. Often, you will need to take the information provided here and adapt it to your individual situation.

Feel free to call the Wildlife Staff for more specific advice. We have 24-hour voicemail and will return your call as quickly as possible: 440-871-2900, Ext. 204 or 440-471-8357.

Please do not use email or our online contact form for time sensitive questions!

If you would like to check on an animal that you recently brought to us for treatment and have its intake number, or if you have general wildlife questions, you can contact us at wildlife@lensc.org for an update.

  1. I found a hurt wild animal. What should I do?
  2. I found baby wildlife. Does it need help?
  3. There’s a wild animal loose in my house. How can I get it out?
  4. There’s a bird hopping on the ground unable to fly. Does it need help?
  5. I discovered a baby deer that's been lying all alone all day. Is it orphaned?
  6. There is a duck nest in my bushes/planter/parking lot etc. Can I move the nest to a better place?
  7. There’s an animal living under my deck/porch/shed. How can I get rid of it?
  8. There’s a bird that keeps flying into my window. How can I make it stop?
  9. There is a woodpecker pecking on my house. How can I get rid of it?
  10. It's freezing outside! Should I be worried about the widlife in a winter storm?
  11. What do I do if a skunk sprays my dog/house and how do I keep skunks out of my yard?
  12. Coyotes have moved into the neighborhood, should I be concerned for the safety of my family and pets?

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