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wildlife frequently asked questions

This is one of many common questions we receive every year. However, to some extent, each situation is unique and different. Often, you will need to take the information provided here and adapt it to your individual situation. Feel free to call the Wildlife Staff for more specific advice. We have 24-hour voicemail and will return your call as quickly as possible.

7. I found a hurt wild animal. What should I do?

Please call us for specific advice before trying to assist a wild animal. Too often, people harm the animal more by chasing it or giving it inappropriate care. Even the right food and water may be dangerous to the animal in certain situations. Even worse, a person can be injured or even killed while trying to help a wild animal. Let us help you to help the animal, in the best and safest way possible.

If the hurt animal poses an immediate danger to people, contact the local police department to help ensure everyone’s safety.

If the animal can be safely and easily captured, confine it in a small container, not much bigger than the animal itself, to minimize the animal hurting itself as it thrashes around in the container. Keep it in a dark and quiet location like a closet, away from people, until it can be transported to us. We do not have the resources available to come and rescue wildlife or pick up animals at someone’s home. We must depend on people transporting the animals to us so that we can then do what is best for each animal with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. These animals may be brought to us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. seven days a week for us to examine and determine the best course of action.

Call the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s Wildlife Staff at (440) 871-2900, ext 204 for more information.

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