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outreach programs

If you cannot come to the Planetarium, then why not have the Planetarium come to you?! StarLab is a portable planetarium that can be transported to your school or other site. Our expert staff will present customizable, standards driven programming to fit your Astronomy education needs.

selecting a program for StarLab

When selecting a StarLab program, it is helpful to make our scheduling coordinator aware of any particular content standard(s) or goals that you would enjoy having emphasized. Our programs can be shortened or lengthened depending on your goals and classroom period lengths. View available StarLab programs. Any planetarium program can be done in the StarLab, however demonstrations will not be included. The program would use PowerPoint images only.

StarLab fees

StarLab Use is based on the number of minutes reserved. Actual program lengths may vary from 20 to 60 minutes.

Up to 60 minutes: $150 /$50 deposit
Each additional hour: $100

We do not travel outside of Cuyahoga or Lorain counties.

StarLab Capacity: 20 - 30 people (depending on the physical size of participants)

Deposit Policy:

  • Deposit is due 2 weeks (14 days) before the program.
  • If deposit is not received at least 2 weeks prior to your program, your class will be cancelled.
  • Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 2 weeks (14 days) of the scheduled class or event.
  • A 10% Administration Fee will be assessed on all cancellations.

registration checklist

When calling to make a reservation (at 440-871-2900), please keep in mind that fall and spring dates fill well in advance, so have at least two possible dates in mind. Please have the following information ready:

  • Name of School & Contact name
  • School mailing address & phone number
  • Number of classes to attend and number of students per class
  • Special needs? No problem. Let us know when you call to schedule.

preparing for your StarLab visit

Pre-Visit Preparation


Please be sure to schedule your classrooms well in advance of the program date, so that you don't lose any time in StarLab! It helps to have one class lined up and waiting for the class inside to exit. Since every school runs on a different schedule, it is best if someone at your school sets up the school schedule. Our staff will do everything possible to accommodate you once you are inside StarLab!


StarLab is a portable classroom. A relatively quiet environment should be afforded for this opportunity. Scheduling StarLab in a cafeteria or gymnasium while they are in active use will not enable a meaningful experience for your students. Ideally, we need a minimum of 24x26 foot space with 11.5 foot ceilings. If required, we can work in lower ceilings, but the StarLab cannot make contact with lighting fixtures or heating ducts.

The Day of Your StarLab Visit


Please have a copy of the day’s schedule ready for the StarLab instructor. The schedule should include period start and end times.

Unloading StarLab Equipment

Accessibility to ramps and elevators is greatly appreciated! Our equipment is rather heavy and we ask that we avoid steps if at all possible.


Set up: Please allow at least 45 minutes in advance, prior to your first presentation, for us to set up our StarLab.
Removal: Please allow 30 minutes after our last presentation for us to remove StarLab from the room.

Student Management

A responsible teacher MUST accompany students into StarLab to maintain classroom order.

Outside Help

The assistance of an adult OUTSIDE of StarLab is advisable, in order to organize the students during entry to and exit from our lab. Students are asked not to sit our lean against the inflated dome both inside and outside of the StarLab.

Two (2) Day + Programs

In the event that we present at your school multiple days, it is most convenient for us to leave StarLab behind, but we must have a secure, locking closet or room in which to store it until the following day. We do NOT leave StarLab set-up.

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