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leopard gecko

leopard gecko

fun facts!

  • Geckos are reptiles that live in Asia in the wild. They live in rocky deserts and sparse grasslands.
  • They are nocturnal in the wild, hiding from fierce daytime heat in burrows and under rocks. In captivity they will burrow when overheated and shy away sometimes from bright lights.
  • They usually grow to about 10 inches long, although half of this is tail.
  • They can break their tails off like most other lizards. This is usually caused by poor handling or by fighting with other geckos. The tails will grow back, but they will be shorter, thicker, smoother and less colorful.
  • Geckos store fat and metabolic water in their tails.
  • The temperature of their eggs determines the gender of the hatchlings. At 80 degrees, most will be females; at 91 degrees most will be males. At 86 degrees Fahrenheit, there will be an even mix.
  • They will clean their eyes with their tongues!
  • They also have moveable eyelids, allowing them to blink and close their eyes during sleep.
  • They are carnivorous and will stalk prey like a cat.

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