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eastern screech owls

The gray phase Eastern Screech Owl that lives at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center was admitted to our Rehabilitation Center in September of 1999. He has a very obvious permanent injury to the right eye, making it hard to catch live prey; therefore, he cannot be released.


fun facts!

  • One of the three most common owls in Ohio, along with Great-horned and Barred.
  • A very small owl. As an adult is only about 9 inches tall and weighs only about 6 ounces.
  • There are two color phases, red and gray, which do produce intergrades when the two colors mate.
  • They eat mostly insects but also small mammals, small birds, reptiles and amphibians.
  • They nest in tree cavities. Standing dead trees are important to them for nesting sites and food as the dead tree becomes infested with bugs.
  • All owls have exceptional hearing. They have ears right behind their face that are lopsided. This allows for exceptional depth perception and can help them locate prey items without using their eyes.
  • They regurgitate pellets which consist of bones and fur from prey items. They do this with the parts of food that would take a long time to digest. This helps them save energy.

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