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Thank you for your interest in supporting Lake Erie Nature & Science Center through our Adopt-An-Animal program.

We're very excited to let you know that our program is being updated and improved! Please check back with us in late Spring as we unveil the new program.


  • rabbitrabbitDomestic Rabbit
  • leopard geckoleopard geckoLeopard Gecko
  • cockroachescockroachesHissing Cockroaches
  • rat snakerat snakeRat Snake
  • milk snakemilk snakeMilk Snake
  • iguanaiguanaGreen Iguana
  • tortoisetortoiseTortoise
  • ducklingducklingWaterfowl
  • raccoonrat snakeRaccoon
  • striped skunkstriped skunkStriped Skunk
  • eastern screech owleastern screech owlEastern Screech Owl
  • american kestrelamerican kestrelHawks
  • woodchuckwoodchuckWoodchuck
  • barred owlbarred owlBarred Owl
  • turkey vultureturkey vultureTurkey Vulture
  • TidepooltarantulaTidepool
  • lion fishlion fish
    Ocean Exhibit
  • snapping turtlesnapping turtleSnapping Turtle
  • red foxred foxRed Fox
  • bald eaglebald eagleBald Eagle
  • wild turkeywild turkeyWild Turkey
  • great horned owlgreat horned owlGreat Horned Owl
  • boaboaBoa Constrictor

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