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Adopt-an-Animal sponsorships make great holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or recognition gifts for children, teachers, family, and friends. They are popular options for classroom and scouting service projects and are rewarding to everyone who loves animals or would like to support their favorite animals.

Have you ever wanted to help take care of a massive snake?
… or America’s symbol, the Bald Eagle?
… or how about 4 cute and cuddly domestic rabbits?

Well, now you can!

Adopt one of Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s animals on a monthly or yearly basis. When you adopt an animal, your generous donation supports the care and feeding of that animal as well as the other animals at the Center.

For your tax-deductible contribution, you will receive:

  • A personal adoption certificate which contains a photo of your animal.
  • Your name placed on the animal’s exhibit for the duration of any adoption of 6 months or longer.
  • The option to gift your adoption to someone else.
  • The knowledge that you are playing a role in helping support Lake Erie Nature & Science Center’s mission and activities. Your donation helps provide food, supplies, cage maintenance and veterinary fees for all the animals at our Center.

choose from animal adoption list:

  • rabbitrabbitDomestic Rabbit
  • leopard geckoleopard geckoLeopard Gecko
  • cockroachescockroachesHissing Cockroaches
  • rat snakerat snakeRat Snake
  • milk snakemilk snakeMilk Snake
  • iguanaiguanaGreen Iguana
  • tortoisetortoiseTortoise
  • ducklingducklingWaterfowl
  • raccoonrat snakeRaccoon
  • striped skunkstriped skunkStriped Skunk
  • eastern screech owleastern screech owlEastern Screech Owl
  • american kestrelamerican kestrelHawks
  • woodchuckwoodchuckWoodchuck
  • barred owlbarred owlBarred Owl
  • turkey vultureturkey vultureTurkey Vulture
  • TidepooltarantulaTidepool
  • lion fishlion fish
    Ocean Exhibit
  • snapping turtlesnapping turtleSnapping Turtle
  • red foxred foxRed Fox
  • bald eaglebald eagleBald Eagle
  • deerdeerWhite-tailed Deer
  • wild turkeywild turkeyWild Turkey
  • great horned owlgreat horned owlGreat Horned Owl
  • boaboaBoa Constrictor

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