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Log Cabin Wildlife Exhibits Wildlife Barn Rocky River Classroom Vermilion Conference Room Resource Center Wildlife Rehab Intake Administrative Offices Turtle Exhibit Reception Courtyard Exhibit Hall Patio Wild Birds Unlimited Grand River Room South Grand River Room North Porter Creek Classroom Pond Planetarium


  1. Log Cabin Classroom
  2. Outdoor Wildlife Exhibits
  3. Rabbit & Turkey Barn
  4. Pond
  5. Rocky River Classroom
  6. Vermilion Conference Room
  7. Elberta Fleming Resource Center
  8. Wildlife Rehab Intake
  9. Administrative Offices
  10. Turtle/Tortoise Exhibit


  1. Welcome Desk
  2. Jo Theis Courtyard
  3. Exhibit Hall
  4. Patio with Fireplace
  5. Planetarium
  6. Wild Birds Unlimited Store
  7. Grand River Room South
  8. Grand River Room North
  9. Porter Creek Classroom


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