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red fox

You may smell the scent of a skunk while standing by the cage. This is because Red xoxes have scent glands which they use to mark their territories. The scent is also present in their urine.

fun facts!

Red Fox
  • They live in a mixture of forest and open country, however adapt well to urban settings.
  • They come in two color variations: red and black. However, a Red Fox will always have a white tail tip.
  • They eat small mammals, carrion, insects and fruit.
  • Can run up to 45 mph.
  • Are active during the late evening, at night and early morning, however can be seen during the day, especially in the winter.
  • Use dens only for breeding and raising their pups.
  • Have scent glands at the base of their tails. Their smell is like that of a skunk.
  • Have very keen vision, hearing and sense of smell.
  • May make a loud bark when alarmed.

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