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scout program faqs

1. When can I schedule a scout program?
We open scheduling for the school year on a published date in September.  Programs are filled on a first-come, first served basis. The earlier you schedule on or after the opening registration date, the greater the availability of programs. You may call 440-871-2900 to schedule or leave a message for our scheduler between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. See details on process below.

2. When do you hold scout programs?
Girl Scout programs are held on Friday nights, Saturday days and nights, and Sunday mornings.  Cub Scout programs are held on Tuesday nights.

3. What scout programs are available?
Our scout programs are listed on our website at www.lensc.org under the education tab and then girl scouts or cub scouts.  We also have flyers available in our lobby or we can mail you one upon request.

4. What scout programs are offered in the summer?
We only offer our day camp for girls in the summer.  Our regular programming returns in the fall for the school year.

5. Do I signup as a group or an individual?
You can sign up as a group OR an individual.  If you come as an individual, you must have an adult in attendance with you at all times.

6. What is the cost for my scout program?
The cost of the program varies depending on the program. Please check the website or the program flyer for specific fees.

7.When do I pay for my scout program?
Payment is made in two steps:

  • Two (2) weeks after the receipt of paperwork, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due.
  • Final payment is made two (2) weeks before the event date.

The exact payment requirements are sent with your registration paperwork.  The paperwork includes an information sheet, a deposit payment coupon and a final payment coupon. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK FOR PAYMENT QUESTIONS.

8. What happens if I miss the due date for my deposit?
You must submit your deposit to continue to hold your space in the program. Once the deposit due date passes without payment, others may be registered in your place.

9. Do you provide food or a place to eat lunch?
Some of our programs, like our overnights or teas, have food service, others do not. Food service will be noted in your registration paperwork and we’ll ask for any medical concerns to be addressed BEFORE the event date.
Our conference room may be used as a lunchroom if you notify the scheduler. The children will be sitting on the floor and the adults will have chairs.  In nice weather, we ask you to eat out on our covered back porch.

10. What do I need to do after I register, but before I arrive for my program?
Please make sure that all parents understand and adhere to program starting and ending times. All of our programs start at the listed time and we require that you arrive for registration 15 minutes BEFORE the starting time

11. What happens if we arrive late?
If the program starts late, we will do the best we can to complete the program on time.  However, we can not guarantee that all the material will be covered due to the time restriction.

12. Can parents bring non-scouts or siblings?
Age appropriate activities are designed for program participants only. No siblings or other non-scouts are permitted in the program rooms.

13. What are the clothing requirements?
This depend on the program. Hikes require the proper footwear and, since hikes take place outside, it’s important to dress for the weather. Please read your paperwork for any special requirements.

14. What do I do when I arrive on the day of my scout program?
You will check-in in the Resource Center upon arrival.  Please give an accurate count of the number of children and adults attending the program. Then, you will receive a schedule and/or instructions from the staff.

15. How do I schedule my scout program?
After checking scout program descriptions (Cub Scout Programs & Girl Scout Programs) and reading the Scout Program FAQ’s, please call the Center at 440-871-2900 and ask for extension 211. Please have the following information ready:

  • Contact name
  • Troop or Pack Number
  • Grade of scouts
  • Mailing address and phone number
  • Number of scouts and number of adults
  • Program dates and times
  • Any special needs or requirements

Call Carole Lynn Stradtman at  440-871-2900 ext. 211. Space is limited, so register early!



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